Reasons Why AWS is the Boss of Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one the prominent and powerful technology for cloud computing. Companies worldwide have greatly benefited from AWS in terms of unending and ever-increasing data, enormous and unlimited capacity for their IT infrastructure. Amazon Web Services have become the main members of the IT sectors by making its tedious work easier with its advanced features. People opting for AWS have a great future due to its speedy growth in various industries across the world with stable salaries at high positions. If you are looking for an excellent career in the cloud- computing platform, learn Amazon Web Services (AWS) Online Training by Big Classes.

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Dominant Player of Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a dominant player in the Cloud-Computing industry. It has taken over Microsoft Azure, though it was launched in 2006 while Microsoft Azure was released in 2010. According to a survey, AWS continues to control 35% of the cloud market with its competitors lagging behind. The current market share in 2017 for AWS is 47.1%, while 10% only for Microsoft Azure. John Dinsdale, the chief analyst of Synergy Research has told that AWS has an enormous market share that cannot be defeated even by Microsoft. AWS is also expanding its infrastructure with new and updated broad range of services which will definitely help companies expand its business successfully.

Data Privacy and Security

AWS gives customers the opportunity to take ownership and control of their account. It provides powerful tools to the customers to choose the content to be stored, secured. This content can be accessed through AWS services and resources. The technical and physical controls designed allows a perfect security that cannot be accessed without permission. The security program is developed with global privacy and data protection settings that helps customers establish and operate their tasks independently. Also, the customers can choose their own security for their content. Encryption of the content is provided. It can be managed by their owners by providing encryption keys.

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Applicable to Any Business Size

AWS has an excellent IT infrastructure that can be used by companies, educational institutions, and also by any non-profit organizations. Customers of any size business can rely on AWS due to its agile and flexible solutions.For educational institutions, it helps in operating IT functions, saves money and also, keeps the student’s information safe. And more than 7,000 educational institutions are using AWS. For non-profit organizations, it helps in innovating and building an updated generation of online learning, analytics, and helps in management with improved solutions. They can build websites, and host their business with ease. It is low cost IT resources, and that is why both education institutes and non-profit organization use them efficiently.

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Utilized by Top Companies

Top companies such as Docomo, Abobe, COMCAST, SIEMENS, Vodafone, Netflix, Airbnb, NASA, Ubisoft and more are using AWS. They are greatly benefiting the services from AWS and have successfully maintained a healthy partnership with AWS over the years. The companies relying their workloads on this cloud-platform is increasing year by year.How do companies maintain their database? According to a research, the number of AWS customers exceeds 1, 000, 000. It is used by big and small company size, and big size companies make up to 10%. The companies are building their enterprise on AWS for ensuring its long-term success with a swift expansion in the coming years.

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