Quality Assurance QA Online Training

The Software QA  training online covers:

  • Software QA Profession in a modern world.
  • Introduction to Windows and WEB applications GUI Testing.
  • ResumeBuilder project: GUI testing, writing bug reports.
  • Bug Reporting rules in Quality Assurance.
  • Bug Tracking Databases – Elementool.
  • Web Testing project 1: requirements, purpose, GUI, ad hoc testing and reporting.
  • Web Testing project 2: Testing WEB forms.
  • Mastering Bug Reporting Skills.
  • Quality Assurance Training on Testing Web Applications: navigation, performance, browser/OS compatibility.
  • Writing Test Documentation: test plan, test design, test suites, test matrices.
  • Testing database applications.
  • Testing Printers/Drivers.
  • Localization and Internationalization testing.
  • QA Testing User Documentation.
  • Job Market Navigation. Posting Resumes.
  • Overview of Quality Assurance/Testing Interview questions.
  • Overview of Testing Types interview questions.

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