QlikView Keyboard Shortcut and Hot Keys

QlikView File Handling Shortcut Keys

New Document Ctrl+N
Open Document Ctrl+O
Open Document on server Ctrl+Shift+N
Save Document Ctrl+S
Save Document as F12

QlikView Selection Shortcut Keys

Open Current Selection View Ctrl + Q
Back in selection Shift + left arrow
Forward in selection Shift + right arrow
Lock the object selection Ctrl + L
Lock all selection Ctrl + Shift + L
Uock the object selection Ctrl + U
Unlock all selection Ctrl + Shift + U
Clear   the object selection (Delete) Ctrl + D
Clear all selection (Delete) Ctrl + Shift + D

QlikView Script Editor Shortcut Keys

Go to line Ctrl + G
Keyboard shortcuts list Ctrl + Q,S,C
Comment lines Ctrl + K,C
Uncomment lines Ctrl + K,U
Add tab Ctrl + Q,T,A
Promote active tab Ctrl + Q,T,P
Demote active tab Ctrl + Q,T,D
Rename active tab Ctrl + Q,T,N
Remove active tab Ctrl + Q,T,R
Creates an autogenerated script Ctrl + Q,Q
Opens Unicode input utility Ctrl + Q,U,I
Creates a script to read jpg attributes Ctrl + Q,J,P,G
Creates a script to read mp3 attributes Ctrl + Q,M,P,3
Creates a script to read wma attributes Ctrl + Q,W,M,A

QlikView Edit Shortcut Keys

Undo Layout Ctrl + Z
Redo Layout Ctrl + Y
Cut Layout Ctrl + X
Copy Layout Ctrl + C
Paste Layout Ctrl + V
Remove Layout Del
Activate All Layouts Ctrl + A
Find Layout Ctrl + F
Advanced Find Layouts Shift + Ctrl + F

QlikView F Hot Keys

Activates context sensitive help F1
Enter in search mode F3
Activate sheet tab to the left of the active one F6
Activate leftmost tab Ctrl + F6
Activate sheet tab to the right of the active one F7
Activate rightmost tab Ctrl + F7
Save as F12

QlikViewActions Hot Keys

Print Ctrl + P
Print as PDF Ctrl + Shift + P
Edit script Ctrl + E
Reload data Ctrl + R
Partial reload data Ctrl + Shift + R
Table viewer Ctrl + T
Show/Hide grid Ctrl + G
Open User Prefer­ences Ctrl + Alt + U
Open Document Properties Ctrl + Alt + D
Open Sheet Properties Ctrl + Alt + S
Open Variable Overview Ctrl + Alt + V
Open Expression Overview Ctrl + Alt + E
Properties of the selected object(s) Alt + Enter
Edit Module Ctrl + M
Alerts Ctrl + Alt + A
Add Bookmark Ctrl + B
More Bookmark Ctrl + Shift + B

QlikView Set Analysis Identifiers

Empty set 0
Full set of all the records 1
Current selection $
Previous selection $1
Forward selection $_1
Bookmark ID or name. Bookmark01

QlikView Set Analysis Operators

Union +
Exclusion (only first)
Intersection (both) *
Symmetric difference (either but not both) /

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