Python Developer Job Role, Responsibly, and Salary Trends

You must have heard that Python is a powerful and an advanced-level programming language in the world. It was created by Guido van Rossum and was launched officially in 1991. Python is based on code readability and syntax, allowing programmers to code in fewer steps. Python is suitable for both small scale and large scale industries. The reason Python is a famous and top growing languages is that it has a prominent automatic memory language that supports the programming paradigms and due to its libraries.
Python has an active community that shares Python guides, documents, and also, tutorials. You can even discuss regarding the coding. Python was adopted by Google and has been sponsoring it ever since. Google has created numerous guides and tutorials to help anyone in need. Python has a good collection of libraries for scientific computing and web development.
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Benefits of Using Python Programming Language:

Python Developers use Python for various applications. It is one of the desired programming languages for creating any GUI desktop applications due it is syntax, architecture, and tools. It is also, used for designing a compatible scientific application with the help of Python libraries such as SciPy and NumPy.

It has helped in creating 3D and element software. Python is used to develop games, 3D games with the help of PyGame.

Role of Python Developer:

A Python Developer is responsible to manage the data interchange between the users and servers. Their focus is to develop server-side logic. They ensure the high performance of their coding from the front end.  Given below are some of the role one has to play being a Python Developer.

  • Creating usable and re-writable code.
  • Designing accomplish-able applications.
  • Integrating user-facing elements created by the front-end developers.
  • Executing security and data protection.
  • Integrating data storage solutions.

Required Skills of a Python Developer:

  • Should be an expert in Django, Flask and the other Python Web Framework.
  • Should be familiar with Object Relational Management (ORM).
  • Should be able to integrate multiple data sources and database into one system.
  • Should understand the working of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Should have the basic knowledge of user authentication, and authentication with systems, and servers.
  • Should be an expert in delivery platforms, i.e., mobile VS desktop.
  • Should be able to understand and implement code versioning tools like the Git, SVN, Mercurial.

Additional Skills Required in a Python Developer:
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Why Go For Python?

GUI-based Desktop Applications:

Create applications based on the desktop with the syntax, architecture, and processing tools.

Scientific Applications:

Create scientific applications using scientific python and numeric python.


Create games such as 3D games by using PyGame like Civilization IV, Disney’s Toontown Online and more.

Web Applications and Framework:

Create web applications like CherryPy, Django, Bottle, and more. Manage content, integration, interfacing with Python.

Enterprise Applications:

Create an application for larger scale with better libraries, extensive and readable syntax by using Python.

Language Development:

Create languages using Python such as Boo, Apple’s Swift, CoffeeScript, and more.

Salary Trends for Python Developers

The salary trends for Python Developers in the USA:
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Fig:The average salary of a Python Developer is around 1, 16, 015 $ P.Y.

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Fig:Salary trends in top companies in the USA.

The salary trends for Python Developers in India:
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Fig:The average salary of a Python Developer is around 3, 41, 699 INR P.Y.

overall salary for python in USA-bigclasses

Fig:Salary trends in top companies in India.

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