Overview on DataStage Architecture

DataStage is considered as a useful ETL tool that uses graphical presentation to process data integration.It is also available in various versions in current market.

DataStage Architecture:

DataStage follows the client-server architecture. The different versions of DataStage have different types of client-server architecture. Now I am going to explain the architecture of DataStage7.5. Data Stage 7.5 version is a standalone version in which DataStage engine, repository (metadata) and service all is installed in server and client is installed in local PC. These access the servers by the ds-client. The users are created in Windows or Unix DataStage server. One has to create new Windows or UNIX user in the DS server to give them the access permission. Then need to add them to Data Stage group. It will give them access to the DataStage server from the client. Dsadm is the Data Stage server and dstage is the group of DataStage.

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DataStage is divided into two components – Client components and Server components.

DataStage Overview
Client components:

  • DataStage Administrator – The DataStage administrator is answerable for creating and deleting projects and also setting the environment variable.
  • DataStage Designer – DataStage Designer is used for designing the job.
  • DataStage Director – It is responsible for run, scheduling and validate the jobs.
  • DataStage ManagerDataStage Manager is used for export and import the projects.

Server components:

  • DS Server – DS Server remains answerable to run executable server tasks
  • DS Package Installer–It is used to install packaged DS jobs
  • Repository or project–It is a central store, which is containing all the information.

  websphere DataStage

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