Overview of SAP BODS | Features of SAP BODS

SAP BODS (SAP Business Objects Data Services)allows one to extract and integrate data for analytical reporting and e-business.

Features of SAP BODS :

  • SAP BODS combines industry-leading data quality and integration into one platform.
  • One of the fundamental capabilities of Data Services is extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data from heterogeneous sources into a target database or data warehouse.
  • It supports multi-users.
  • It has comprehensive administrative tools and reporting tool.
  • It provides high-performance parallel transformations.
  • SAP BODS is very flexible with a web-service based application.
  • It allows scripting language with rich sets of functions.

Components of SAP BODS

 SAP BODS consists of several components including Designer, Job Server, Engine, Repository, Access Server, Administrator.

Who can learn SAP BODS?

 You can learn SAP BODS  if you have the knowledge below:

  • Knowledge in development or database administration (you should have knowledge on data extraction, data warehousing, data integration and data quality).
  • Knowledge in DBMS, business intelligence and e-business messaging concept.
  • You should understand organization’s data need.
  • Knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language).
  • Knowledge in Microsoft Windows.