Overview and Role of ETL Testing

If you are considering yourself as a part of IT industry, you should have heard the term data warehouses and about the analyses tools. Every day various businesses are starting to think and build several data warehouses and statistical tools. Just forget about those days, when data warehouses need for only large organizations. But now, with the correct type of information and expertise, small enterprises are also started making analysis and bring valuable information to boost revenues and output.

Now you need to know the exact meaning of Data Warehouse. In short, you can consider a data warehouse as a common storehouse which contains information regarding company activities and its various operations. All your company’s transactions like sales, payments end up in the data warehouse. It is a technical platform which often permits us to ask different real-life business related questions. The data warehouse can search out for the old information whenever you need this.

Role of ETL Testing

The ETL testing is a procedure for extracting, transforming, loading huge amount of data from a sole database to another. There are various ways of doing it like coding your own processes to the frequently used way of implementing the ETL tools. These tools can do the tasks extremely well and if selected sensibly, they can save a lot of your coding efforts and money. Behind it the reason is, one can graphically build several processes and in some cases without knowing how to program for different databases. There are several ETL testing tools available in the market. You need to choose the best one from them.  Apart from that, you can also find cloud connectors and additional technologies to make the most of the data present within an organization.

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