Most essential QlikView Developer Tools


QlikView is one of the most flexible BI suites for the conversion of data into knowledge. 24,000 organizations have enabled their users globally to search, analyze and consolidate data taking a deep dive into their business insights using QlikView.

As a QlikView Developer, there are lot of consequences, in order to deliver the absolute information and help the users to take the better decisions and to acquire Coding Skills, Understanding the business and the data and many more. Here are some of the essential tools for QlikView developers to be kept in their kits.

QViewer: QViewer is one of the top apps that help you to view QVD files. Just double click any of the QVD file and that opens you the content in a tabular view. It is also very helpful to validate or debug your data without creating any QlikView Application.

QVSource: It is a great tool, allow you to connect to any of the other data sources like API’s and online databases which are used for text analytics and sentiment analysis.

Tortoise SVN: It is free of cost software helps you to control the source code. It is very helpful to manage the creation of projects on a same QlikView application. If you have more than one developer to handle the same document Tortoise SVN reduces a lot of headaches.

Notepad++: It is a powerful free text editor to copy and paste or search and replace of any code.

Perfmon: This provides you the whole information on the behavior of CPU, RAM and Network. It also provides a great task manger compared to the normal windows one. You can capture Processor, Disk, Memory, and Network performance counters.

AutoHotKey: It helps you to insert the often used code faster. It is a free open source automation and macro creation software allows the users to automate the repetitive tasks.

RightQlik: It provides an easier way, simply adds a context menu jus by right clicking on a QVW file

Greenshot: It is light weighted screenshot software to create screenshots of your desired screen or region. You can easily highlight the area or annotate any part of the screenshot. You can copy to clipboard, save to file, and attach to your mail.

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