Microsoft .Net Online training

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MS .Net Online Training:
  • List the major elements of the .NET Framework and explain how they fit into the .NET platform.
  • Learn all the features of VS.NET IDE.
  • Explain the main concepts behind the common language runtime and use the features of the .NET Framework to create a simple to complex application.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of the C# & VB.NET Language features.
  • Learn and implement concepts of Object Orientation. Create classes and interfaces that are functionally efficient and appropriate for given programming scenarios.
  • Use the .NET Framework class library to efficiently create and manage strings, arrays, collections and enumerators.
  • Develop applications which are database intensive using ADO.NET.
  • Use delegates and events to make an event-sender object signal the occurrence of an action to an event-receiver object.
  • Read and write to data streams and files. Serialize and deserialize an object graph.
  • Develop Dynamic Web Applications using ASP.NET.
  • Understand and use various State Management techniques like Cookies and Sessions.
  • Provide Security (Authentication and Authorization) to a web based application.
  • Develop internationalized multilingual applications using Globalization and Localization.
  • Implement web 2.0 features using AJAX.
  • Create distributed applications by means of Web Services,Remoting and WCF
  • Develop applications using N-Tier architecture.

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