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In the year 2000, Microsoft announced a whole new software development framework for Windows called .NET in the Professional Developer Conference (PDC). After initial testing and feedback Beta 1 of .NET was announced. Beta 1 of the .NET itself got lot of attention from the developer community. When Microsoft announced Beta 2, it has come with many changes suggested by the community and internals into the software.

The overall ‘Beta’ phase lasted for over a year. Finally, in March 2002 Microsoft released final version of the .NET framework. One issue to be noted here is that the amendment in approach of Microsoft while this new platform .NET was thrown receptive community for testing in its each pre-release version. This is often one in every of the explanations why it created numerous waves of pleasure among the community and business yet. Microsoft has place in great efforts during this new platform.

In fact Microsoft says that its future depends on success of .NET. The development of .NET is such an important event that Microsoft considers it equivalent to transition from DOS to Windows. All the future development – including new and version upgrades of existing products – will revolve around .NET. So, if you want to be at the forefront of Microsoft Technologies, you should be knowing .NET!

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