Learn the new SAP BO

BigClasses offers SAP BO online training with all its new features on a real-time basis by very experienced and leading consultant. Some of the new features mention below

Web Intelligence Customization:

The new feature of SAP BO able to customize the Web Intelligence by a group or a user. It is very easy as right-clicking a group and choosing customization. Then the set of checkboxes are presented which are representing components individually that makes up Web viewer. You can hide all or any of these components just by a click on the checkbox.  You can get a simple web-based viewer for the users who want to generate a report without any extras.

sap bo online training

System Configuration Wizard:

Migrating Business Objects is painful for administrators to tune the environment by splitting Adaptive Processing Server. Because of complaints received SAP introduced System Configuration Wizard in Business Objects. This automates the tuning through the easy-to-use wizard.


SAP is really excited about its cloud-based collaboration tool called SAP Jam, which came with an acquisition of Success Factors in 2011. In Business Objects, SAP began to integrate SAP Jam into its products. You can now link your Business Intelligence environment to SAP Jam. This allows users to do things like send or schedule reports to collaboration activities, monitor their Jam feeds within BI Launchpad and post or view comments on reports.

Desktop Intelligence Compatibility:

Report format returns back to haunt in Business Objects. This allows you to import your Desktop reports from your old XIR2 or 3.X system into 4.1, where we can migrate them to Web Intelligence using this improved Report Conversion Tool. You need Desktop Intelligence 3.1 SP6 client that includes Desktop Intelligence compatibility pack to view or schedule the documents in a traditional way.