Introduction to Business Analysis

What is this course about?
In this course, the role of the “business analyst” is outlined as a mediator managing the interests and wishes of each the business/project management and IT communities. You learn key business analysis activities throughout the assorted phases of the business analysis life cycle. This framework relies on the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge. This course provides not solely best practices and theory however sensible tools and techniques that may be applied instantly among your organization.

What background do I need?
This is an introductory course to business analysis and needs no specific requirement technical or business data. However, a familiarity with project management and basic business administration is useful.

Who can take pleasure in this course?
This course is efficacious for anyone who must apply the data and skills of the business analyst role inside their organization. New or full-fledged business analysts, moreover as others World Health Organization frequently team with business analysts together with purposeful managers, project managers, developers and testers, could profit greatly.

What is business analysis?
By definition, a business analysis could be a set of tasks, data and techniques needed to spot business desires and confirm solutions to business issues. In today’s organizations, business analysts are typically cited as the business analyst, business analyst, analyst and alternative titles. notwithstanding the title, the first role of the business analyst remains identical — to look at the business desires and suggest an acceptable resolution approach to fulfill those desires.
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Although technically, business analysis is distinct from money analysis, project management, quality assurance, structure development, testing, coaching, and documentation development, it’s entirely potential that at intervals efficient organizations the business analysist could perform a number of these connected functions moreover. In any case, the business analyst typically works closely with these alternative purposeful areas.

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