Interactive Dashboards in OBIEE

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Oracle BI Dashboard is a presentation layer tool integrated with BI Answers that permits the users to execute Ad-hoc analysis and to report next to the business model.

  • In Answers, each and every report request holds a single query, and each query makes use of one or other views that are shared in a compound view. The compound view is usually flaunted in a dashboard.
  • Answers include supportive components such as Graphs, Crosstabs, Tables, Gauges, View and Column Selectors and Narratives. It allocate us to issue in Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards

Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards are a part of Oracle BI Presentation Services.

The OBIEE Server involves the following:

  • Presentation Layer : It presents the user views
  • Semantic Object Layer: Business model
  • Physical Layer: Mapping physical data

Interactive Dashboards are included with BI Publisher, that you can get faultless reports ready for the users to view or print, all with just a push button from the Dashboard.

Oracle users will find BI interactive Dashboards very memorable, just as in Portal; Interactive Dashboards has the corresponding portlets, web clippings and interactivity.

Dashboard Interactivity: Let us imagine that a dashboard user is not engrossed in considering all the data in the dashboard. The dashboard designer instantly can add prompts to the dashboard that let user to access what he wants to see. Dashboards can also be customized for users to select from the drop down lists, multiple check boxes and choice of columns to show in the reports.

Dashboard Alerts: You can set up an alert to a sales person that comes up with the Interactive Dashboard whenever their Projected Sales are going to be below the forecast. A useful link here would be to the list of all his current transaction so that he can work on accelerating deals to meet their affirmed goals.