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Informatica power center, which is an ETL tool is used for the data extraction, transformation and loading the data.

  • Extraction means to understand, clean and analyze the data.
  • Transformation means precise filtration of data and modification according to the business requirements.
  • Loading is meant to load the data into the warehouse.

Are you planning to learn Informatica power center, you have arrived at the opportune place. In this     Informatica power center tutorial blog, you will learn fundamental to Informatica power center ideas in the extremely basic way. Then again, you can watch the below video by our Informatica power center Industry Expert along with practical sessions.

Informatica PowerCenter Tutorials | Informatica Online Training Videos

Informatica power center is high-performance data integration software, which can work alongside big data tools like Hadoop. With this tool, the productivity of an organization can be tripled with less cost and the risk can be minimized. The business operations can be improved and made faster.


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