Importance of English Language | Why English Language?

In today’s world we cannot deny that English is most popular and common language spoken everywhere.  In many sectors English language is playing the major role including IT, medicine, engineering, education industry.

But before knowing a language we should know why we need language and what communication is.

What is communication?

Communication is an activity to convey information through message, gesture, writing, signals etc. Without communication we can do nothing. Communication is meaningful exchange of information between two individuals or a group of individuals.

Communication requires a message, a sender and a receiver.

What is effective communication?

Suppose we have a message, a sender and a receiver. But the receiver is unable to understand what the sender is trying to explain. Then we should say that the communication is not effective. We only can say a communication is effective, if the receiver understood what the sender want to say and receiver act accordingly.

Why learn language?

Every animal has the ability to communicate. But only communication is not enough for understanding a situation or expresses your feelings. We need effective communication to understand a person or a situation better. For this, we should learn a language. All animals are engaged in various types of social communication. But human beings are the only species, who are able to communicate using language.

Why English?

English is a West Germanic language. It is first spoken in England. English is spoken as a first language by a majority of the citizens of several nations, including UK,USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and a number of Caribbean nations.

There are many reasons to learn English.

  1. English is the most commonly used language throughout the world.
  2. English language is very easy to learn.
  3. English is selected as the international language
  4. English has plenty of words to choose from. In fact, an English speaker is offered the biggest vocabulary of any language with a choice of 500,000 to 1,000,000 words (including technical and scientific terms).
  5. Generally, now a days standard English does not depend on accent