HR Roles and Responsibilities

HR is concerned in designing the Job analysis description for a probable opportunity. A job analysis is the process used to gather information about the Duties, Responsibilities, Skills, Outcomes and Work Environment of a particular job.

Job description of HR as described below :

  • Duties
  • Responsibilities
  • Contributions and Outcomes
  • Required qualifications of employees
  • Reporting of a particular job.

Determining the Wages and Salaries:

HR involves in performing market surveys and determining the pay and remuneration for different positions available in an organization. This decision may be taken in meeting with top management team and the Finance teams.

Recruitment and Selection:

One of the most main jobs of HR team is to engage the finest people for the organization. This is of fundamental value as the achievement of any organization depends on the excellence of its workforce.

Performance Appraisal:

Once the employees are employed, the HR team has to evaluate their performance on a regular basis through appropriate performance assessment.

Performance appraisal is the process of analyze, acquire and record the information about the relative worth of an employee. The aim of this performance appraisal is for improving and measuring the genuine performance of the employee and also the future latent of the employee.
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Training and Development:

HR team shall continually keep a watch over the human resources of the organization. In order to improve the competence levels of the employees they are training have to undergo standard trainings and improvement programs. All the trainings and development requirements are carried out by this department..

Employee welfare and motivation:

Happy employees mean to be a healthy organization. HR team conducts various employee welfare activities which might include employees get together, annual staff parties and rehabilitations etc.  Also reviews organizational policies and its impact on the enthusiasm of the recruits.

Addressing employees’ grievances:

HR is the only link between the workforce and the management. Employees’ grievances related work surroundings are usually entertained and resolved by the only HR team.

Labor Management Relations:

For the soft operation of any organization, it is important to have superior labor management relations. HR team has to make sure that these labor unrest relations are pleasant and warm. In case of any labor-management variance the HR team will play an imperative role in bringing both the management parties to the cooperation table and resolving the issue.

Implementing Organizational Policies:

HR has to synchronize with line manager and see that the organizational policies are being implemented in an appropriate approach. Disciplinary action can be instigated against employees who are not following organizational regulations and system. All these actions are conceived and implemented by the HR team.

Dismissal and Redundancy:

HR has to take compact proceedings against employees who are not following the organizational code of conduct, system and policies. This can result in the notice of that employee.

Sometimes, an organization may no more require the services of an employee. The employee may be made redundant. HR has to see that organizational and government policies are being followed in this process.

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