How to use Google Ads to make your own Ad Page

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising platform that is provided by Google on a pay per click option. The website gets displayed on the search engine result page and when these advertisements are either clicked or viewed that Google gets to withdraw the bidding amount paid by you. You primarily get to assess by the number of clicks on your advertisement and this is dependent upon your keyword selection. In the event of your keywords being incredibly popular, then you could be rest assured that your bidding amount will be a lot higher and on the contrary, if the keywords are not often used by the users then the costs could turn out to be much lower.

Definition of Pay per Click

This is a payment gateway that means that you pay when any user clicks on your advertisement. This is primarily a Google platform wherein the bidding amount as calculated by Google algorithms.

Pay Per Click ads are in stark contrast to the results that appear in other keywords. These Ads appear either on the top or the side of the search engine result page or SERP.

How do Google Ads Work

This is a platform for advertising websites where the users pay Google in terms of monetary value on the basis of the currency of that specific country to promote the user’s website by using a few keywords. So that Google displays your website on the search engine result page or SERP. When the user clicks on your web page Google costs you the money that is paid by you in advance. All of this comes down to the budget demarcated by you for the website as well as the user clicks that you get on your website.

What are Google Ads?

Google displays your advertisement in a structured format in the search result in the advertisement incorporates a text that displays the name of your website, a URL that will route the user on to your website and also a brief descriptive text that talks about your website. It is but left up to your choice as to where exactly you desire to make your advertisement to get displayed. The logic is simple- the more that the user is willing to pay, the more will Google show your advertisement on the first page of the SERP.

Types of Ads in Google Ads

Given below are the types of Google Ads:       

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Call only Ads
  • Mobile Application Ads

Search Ads

These ads show up when the user looks for specific information using appropriate keywords. Reasons like conversion rates, higher bidding, and landing page experience come to play a very crucial role for these ads to appear. Google takes the final call about which ad needs to come first this decision is taken upon the relevance of the content, bidding and the buying patterns pf the user.

Display Ads

The user finds these ads when browsing the website on different places and these ads could either be static or dynamic. Although these ads might not be relevant, Google nevertheless displays them on the basis of the user’s interest, searches and the like.

Shopping Ads

These ads are generically used by online retail owners to showcase their products only to divert the web traffic on to their site. These ads get displayed when the user looks out for certain product-related keywords.

Video Ads

These are essentially those ads that are showcased on Youtube and other Google browsing websites. This also comes with an added bonus of the user being able to effortlessly count the return on investment as well as the user engagement on YouTube which can never ever be possible on television commercials.

Call Ads

These are those ads that do not direct you to the website but instead ask you to make a call to the company’s customer service desk.

Mobile Applications Ad

These ads are those that come attached to mobile applications or games that encourage the users to download the applications.

How does Google Ads Bidding Work

This is a rather important aspect of PPC. Google questions you about your acceptance for paying for a single click meaning that bid is that commercials where the advertiser is comfortable  bidding when the user clicks on his ad

Quality score

This is very important in the advertisement because even if you have bid a rather less bidding amount than your competitor but your quality score is high, then the Google Spider will place your advertisement above your competitor. This is not the same as garnering organic traffic. As Google Ads is majorly used to direct a specific group of audiences that is particularly interested to buy or sell something while on the side the organic traffic is where users browse only to gain information.

Click through Rate

This is one of the major yardsticks to gauge the quality score of any advertisement. Google deciphers the multiple times the user clicks on the ad which would only mean that the ad is pertinent with the searched keywords and it is only as per the quality scores that your website garners does Google decides both your ranking as well as your bidding cost.

How exactly a good quality score looks like

It is a given that a good quality score upgrades your ad in several ways. Both the PPC and quality scores are interrelated. This not only talks about having a lower cost per click but also gaining results from your advertisement. The user must be enabled to run through your instructions that you want them to go through your paid ad and it precisely for this that good quality scores in incredibly important.


What is an Ad Rank in Google

In Google Ads the deciding factor for the paid ads that assess the ranking order of any advertisement that gets accepted to be displayed on SERP. In the event of your advertisement getting a top rank then it would get displayed on the first page itself and in the case of a second position, your advertisement would get placed in the second position from the top.

Factors affecting Ad Ranking

  • Your quality score plays a crucial role in deciding your rank meaning the landing pages take fifty percentage of the credit and the rest by other quality factors.
  • Here, the optimization of your advertisement counts immensely. Things like keywords, location, the device used to notch up your rankings further. Other details though minor like the phone number; address and links go a long way in building the trust factors.

How Best to Create a Google Ad Campaign

Once formally registered with Google, you would then have to log in to Google Ad’s campaign builder if you desire to create an ad campaign. You also get to tailor-make your advertisement either by selecting the age group of your selected audience or even by selecting the circumference of the area or your target audience who you wish to show the ad

After this comes the payment angle wherein Google asks you to choose for a budget for your advertisement campaign and later the Google algorithms choose a bid for your advertisement. This bid would depend on your choice of keywords.

It goes without saying that the user must not withdraw after visiting your site. Simply put, if your presentation, products and services are not quality compliant, then your bounce rates are sure enough to decrease and your SEO score also plummets.

Advantages of Google Ads

  • It offers a few remarkable that calculate as well as track your ROIs. Some of these important features would include, conversion rate, number of clicks, page response time, page navigation status and many more.

Know your audience

Ads give you the liberty to choose your targeted audience at the appropriate time This helps in focusing on the right audience without wasting both on time as well as money.

Reaching potential customers

This comes with certain remarkable features like the custom affinity audience, and in the market audience, it permits you to that is wholly interested in viewing only your kind of advertisement.


Google Ads is a terrific platform for you to create and display your advertisements. There is every scope of there being time and money issues but deft handling of both you could witness it giving you incredibly positive results.  It might seem rather difficult to comprehend, but both its ease and non complexity simply cannot be questioned. There comes yet another fantastic tool called the Google Search Tool that assists humongous in ranking your website and both of these tools are imperative from the SEO perspective.

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