How to Create Customer Master Using SAP SD

SAP SD or SAP Sales and Distribution consist of all business procedures necessary in selling, shipping and billing of a product. SAP SD is strongly integrated with the other SAP Modules, because it is very flexible and strong. SAP Sales and Distribution is one of the most implemented SAP Modules. BigClasses provides SAP SD online training to the learners to give the idea about all the required steps from selling a product to billing. Now we will discuss about how to create customer master.

Basically the Customer Master is primary master data in SAP SD. To create the Customer Master we require an Account Group. Account Group is nothing but the gathering of similar accounts. The master record in the customer hierarchy is controlled by account groups. It keeps all the information of customer including the mandatory, optional and not required information also. It also defines the way and numbers which are assigned to the customer.

Steps to Create Customer Master

Step 1: You have to enter the T-Code XD01 in Command field.
Step 2: You have to enter your detail in the Address Tab screen. You need to enter your title, name, search term (to search customer), street and house number, your postal code, city, country and region.


Step 3: You need to Enter Data in Control Data Tab. You should put Tax number.


Step 4: After that you need to enter data in Payment Transactions tab. At first you need to click on the payment transaction tab. Then you need to enter the bank details (account number, bank key, city, name of the account holder). If you want to enter more details on bank, you need to click on Bank data button. After clicking on it you will find a new screen, where you need to put your bank name, city name and swift code. Again, you have to click on the tick button.


 Step 5: In this step you need to enter sales area data. You need to click on sales area button in application tool bar. Then enter all the details of customer pricing procedure, shipping data details and partner functions.