Features of Selenium Webdriver

Selenium Webdriver

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium web-driver is one of the most dominant and famous tools of selenium toolkit. It is an extension to selenium RC with the most commanding benefits addressing the various limitations.

The inclusion of Web-Driver API is the biggest modification done to the Selenium in the recent times. Selenium server marks a leap ahead in the field of browser automation in driving a natively used browser or on the remote machines.

The features of selenium web driver include

  • It supports the different languages like: Java, python, C#, Ruby, Perl, Php, Java script.
  • Selenium server initializing is not required.
  • It supports iPhone and Android testing also.
  • WebDriver finds any co-ordinates of any object.
  • It is very easy for a WebDriver to build a keyword driven framework.
  • It uses the native automation technique.
  • It runs a little faster and even server is not required.

Selenium RC in conjunction with WebDriver API is known as a Selenium 2.0.This was built to support the vibrant web pages and Ajax. It also extends its support to different drivers enabling web based mobile testing.

Selenium Webdriver


WebDriver is a web-based testing tool with a slight difference in selenium RC. As the tool was created on the basic where a remote client was built for all the web browsers, without any JavaScript.

WebDriver calls the Web browser directly and the complete test script is executed in a similar fashion. WebDriver utilizes the browser support and abilities for automation.

Below mentioned are the Advantages or benefits of Selenium WebDriver

  • It supports iPhone and Android operating system.
  • Also includes implementation of listeners.
  • Ajax testing improved features
  • Easy to stimulate by a click of the front and the back buttons of the browser.
  • Extraction of objects in bulk like QTP is possible.
  • Starting up a server in WebDriver is not required.
  • One can create movement of a mouse using selenium.
  • Tabs and Pos in WebDriver and RC are the same which both can handle.
  • Coordinates of any object can be found using WebDriver.
  • Simulation of key press events of keyboard is possible by referring the classes in WebDriver.
  • WebDriver enables easy to build keyword driven framework.

Career Growth with Selenium Testing

Most of the IT companies are implementing the Selenium in their testing web automation. A giant number of testers are trained on these tools because of its ease and effectiveness. This overtook the several other testing techniques and is creating a new pathway for the developers. Recruiters are looking for the people well-known with this automation tool skill set.

Selenium has become the most prevalent test automation technique, revealed by the top Job portals after researching the job trends.

Selenium Webdriver
Automation testing – present position

  • Automation testing is moving ahead towards life cycle test automation from automating the regression test cases. Various stages of test life cycle have been explored by the clients, automated with the correct suite of tools required for automating the manual work.
  • Automation testers gained good business knowledge with the introduction of model based testing. Clients cannot employ separate people for building the models and for automating the test cases.
  • With the help of Business Process automated test packs clients can reduce the time to market for the standard, and establish the applications and products.
  • Clients are unable to select the tool dealer as there are multiple boutiques offering the adapted frameworks and script-less automation frameworks.
  • TheTest Management tools have been fully integrated with the test life cycle and customized reports are generated just on a go.

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