Features of CORE JAVA

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We are considering Core Java as a secure, object-oriented, high-level programming language. It has some outstanding features for which it becomes most popular programming language.

  • Java is simple if you have prior knowledge in C or C++ language

Java is easy to learn in you already know C language or C++ and eye-catching also.

  • Java is secure

Java is considered as a secure programming language. It provides secure means of creating internet applications. Java is also secure for web access.


  • Java is portable

We can say that Java is platform independent i.e., it is not depending on the system architecture. Java program can run in any platform. It can be executed if there is JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

  • Java is Object Oriented

There is a concept of objects in java. In Java, variable and methods are encapsulated in a class. We have to create object (s) of a class. By using this class object we can access the class methods. Generally, we can’t access class methods directly.

  • Java is Robust

Java encourages error-free programming by being strictly typed and performing run-time checks.

  • Multithreaded

Java supports multithreading programming. Java maintains stacks for different threads.

  • High Performance

Performance of Java is very high. Bytecodes of Java are highly optimized and JVM can execute them faster.

  • Distributed

Java is designed with a distributed environment. Java can run over the internet.