Everything That You Ever Wanted to Know About DevOps

DevOps is not just a mere tool but a culture that comes with an objective to enhance SLDC (Software Development Life Cycle) by bridging the chasm between development and operations. This is a wholly new dogma that has swept the entire IT world enhancing project lifecycles and in the process increasing profits as well. DevOps supports a working association between the development engineers and operations, together participating in the entire service life cycle right from the design stage through the development process as well as the production support.

DevOps Demystified

‘Dev’ is a blanket term for all kinds of software developers while “Ops” incorporates system engineers, system administrators, operations staff, release engineers, DBAs network engineers, security professionals and several other sub disciplines per se. when conjoined, DevOps bridges the seamless chasm that exists between Development and Operations by limiting the uncertainties of release and change. That apart, it also facilitates in greatly reducing the risk factors that come embedded with the various stages of release management including Build, Deploy, Test as well as a Constant Improvement.
Flourishing of the DevOps in the present IT scenario has only meant a huge upsurge in the career prospects for professionals with innumerable skill sets based on the individual’s chosen area of interest as well as inclination.

DevOps Careers

With there being no specific pre-requisites for a professional to pursue a career in DevOps, a basic knowledge or experience of any of the following streams could be incredibly beneficial to learn the DevOps approach:

Programming Language
Shell Scripting
System Admin
IT Services- Ops as well as Support
Build and Release
QA Testing
The Evolution of DevOps
DevOps professionals are amongst the most lucratively paid in the IT industry and if the market demands are anything to reckon with, then their need is only going surge steeply as organizations that are using the DevOps practices are irresistibly highly operational. If the survey made by Puppet Labs’ State of DevOps report is to be analyzed, organizations that use the DevOps approach deploy code that is 30 times more frequent than that of their competitors and are likely to fail 50 percent less during their deployment.
Having said that, the job listings for DevOps on the indeed.com portal has considerably increased to over 75% and on linkedin.com to more than 50%.

The Future of DevOps

DevOps has a humongous growth potential in the future what with the rapidly transforming subtleties within the IT industry, professionals who had earlier no clue about admin or ops or for that matter admins or ops, are now getting to be priceless assets to their organizations.
The prospects for career enhancement for the professionals in DevOps is huge as it comes with the means to transform a person with a single skill into a thoroughbred professional with a multidisciplinary skill sets that include coding, infrastructure and configuration, apart from testing as well as build and release. Since DevOps is not confined to one particular technology alone, professionals working on DevOps would continuously have to work on integrating as well as automating multiple technologies as well.


With the tumultuous development and advancement in technology, it has virtually become the urgent need of the hour for professionals to upgrade their skills as well as for organizations to now hire skilled employees so that they can deliver cutting edge solutions and organizations can proliferate incredibly.