ETL Testing Process Validation and Estimation

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Similar to the other testing that lies below freelance Verification and Validation, ETL additionally bear a similar section.
Business and demand understanding
Validating, Test Estimation
Test coming up with supported the inputs from take a look at estimation and business demand
Designing take a look at cases and take a look at situations from all the out there inputs
Once all the take a look at cases are prepared and square measure approved, take a look at team proceed to perform pre-execution check and test information preparation for testing
Lastly, execution is performed until exit criteria are met
Upon productive completion outline report is ready and closure method is completed.
It is necessary to outline take a look at the strategy that ought to be reciprocally accepted by stakeholders before beginning actual testing. A well outlined take a look at strategy can check that that correct approach has been followed meeting the testing aspiration. ETL testing would possibly need writing SQL statements extensively by testing team or is also trade the SQL provided by the development team. In any case testing team should bear in mind of the results they’re attempting to induce using those SQL statements

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