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English Accent Training – what is Accent? Accent means pronunciation or intonation. Now what is English Accent? English Accent is usually used in countries where the mother tongue is English like US, UK, Canada, Australia etc. Each country has its own Accent of speaking English it’s a distinctive way of pronouncing a language, especially one associated with a particular country, area. The best way and most effective to improve your English Accent Training are talking to actual native English speaker.

Spoken English Training is usually provided either by class room training or by Online Spoken English Training. BigClasses is committed in providing the best of learning methods with online practice and interaction with Native English Speakers. BigClasses delivers unparallel learning experience with conversational fluency.

BigClasses is working hard to provide the best of English Accent Training Online. Today there is lot of demand for Spoken English Online Training and English Accent Training. Even if you speak perfect English Technically you are actually not speaking it the way it’s meant to be spoken. Watch native English Speaker how they mouth the words and then you can practice speaking by repeating, this method will strengthens your reading, speaking and listening  all at the same time and makes Online English Training easy.

To get a perfect  English Accent training Online you have to listen what the native English Speaker is saying and then repeat the same thing loudly but slowly, if you want yourself to be understood slow down. The more clearly you speak the better chance your listener has of understanding you.  Though we hear ourselves all the time, we really don’t know how we sound like. So record yourself, what are your week points and strong points, then you can practice and correct them.  Spoken English Training, yes one Session is good. In fact, one session is even great. But if you can have more than one session of different styles that’s even better.

Be it English Accent Training or Spoken English Training make it a point to speak it at home. Taking English Accent Training or Spoken English Training in the session and forgetting it after the session will not help the purpose. Make it a point to take it to the dinner table, stick to English TV at home, take it to bed – make it 24/7 if possible. The problem with most English course material is that it is not strictly focused on teaching spoken English, the students who learn from these sounds like they are reading. And also most students practice with each other and not with native English speaker, the result will be mispronunciations and bad habits that leave little room for progress. And all the English Accent Training or Spoken English Training will be a waste.

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