Dot Net OOPs concept in Real World

OOP is commonly known as Object Oriented Programming. Most of the languages are developed using the OOP concept. Objects are used to develop the system has an ability to perform actions and attributes. They behave just like the real world entities and are represented by their methods and properties or fields in the programming language.

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OOPs have the following elements and features:

Object: Instance of a Class

Class: Blueprint of an Object

Encapsulation: Secure implementation

Polymorphism: Different instances according to different behaviors depending on data types used

Inheritance: Saves time by acquiring the same object into another

Abstraction: Restricts the data for relevance

OOPs Concept in Real world

Let’s consider a company as Class and its Objects are Big, Classes and any other company. It has several attributes or its assets and in OOPs we consider all as a data member that stores some value to the company.

Consider the data member of a company Class

Company Name, Company Type, Establishment and many more

Now the company class can be divided into many subclasses as

  1. IT
  2. Education
  3. Telecom
  4. Manufacturing and many more

Now these subclasses inherits the property of a Parent Class Company

Profit, Loss, debt and more are the works done in the company on data members and this is the OOPs concept we implement on real life.