Difference between Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server

tableau desktop & server

Difference between Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server

Tableau Desktop

  • It is specifically suitable for accessing the reasonable de normalized oracle database’s data.
  • This is equally good while accessing the data in spreadsheets or the other standard formats. It’s an easy to use and extremely helpful for the sales team.
  • It is great with visualizing, analyzing, creating workbooks, visualizations, dashboards and stories.
  • Editing options are enormous.
  • Tableau desktop users can use server/online for a high-performance data repositories.
  • The creation of reports, charts, formatting and putting them together as a dashboard is done with the desktop itself.
  • Dashboards are published to tableau sever from the tableau desktop.
  • Tableau desktop and server can work very well with each other.
  • This is a software solution which enables users drag & drop information for analyzing the data.
  • Within a few clicks it lets users to connect to all types of data.
  • This is an add-on and on-premise software.
  • The clients for this are small business and medium businesses.

tableau server&desktop

Tableau Server

  • This is committed. It is suitable for a different, huge audience of customers who are supported by a completely blown technical administrator’s team and developers.
  • This is immensely great tools to be considered if want to experience a completely blown reports without any frightening bi suites execution it can be done with this.
  • This allows a safe distribution of interactive workbooks to the concerned people. Enables to edit workbooks, visualizations, dashboards and stories in server/online. But cannot create a new one.
  • Editing options are limited.
  • Server/online are the used as high-performance data repositories for desktop users.
  • The dashboards created can be shared with the others by this.
  • Dashboards created are shared with others with the tableau server.
  • Tableau desktop and server work very well with each other.
  • This is a business intelligence applications which allows users to perform easy to use analytics based on browser.
  • This is the fastest options to the traditional bi software.
  • It is a standalone and on-premise, cloud saas.
  • It deals with the medium and large businesses.

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