Demanding Careers as DevOps Engineers

DevOps is a dogma that combines operations with development and requires a technological loop that would augment a collective change within organizations. Gartner opines that organizations across the world are now increasingly adopting the DevOps principle and by the end of 2016, more than 25% of the top 2000 companies would have completely attuned themselves to the DevOps culture. This would tantamount to meaning greater career opportunities to DevOps professionals. There only lies a plethora of career options for DevOps professionals with the companies now opening up to the DevOps scenario as such. In this specific blog, let us try and understand the career options for DevOps engineers.
Although at a nascent stage, the DevOps culture has soon become a rage with companies and has virtually revolutionized the entire organizational dynamics in an incredibly short span of time. With companies now quickly adapting themselves to this new culture, the employees who were earlier unaware of both admin and ops or those ops and admins employees who did not develop, will soon become obsolete within the organizational framework.
DevOps metamorphoses a person from a single skilled employee to a multi- disciplinary skilled asset to the company with skills that would include, coding, infrastructure and configuration, testing as well as build and release. Since DevOps does not limit itself to only one technology, the professionals working on the DevOps environment would constantly work upon integrating as well as automating multiple technologies.
Career Progression for DevOps Engineers
There has only been a steep increase in the demand for DevOps professionals and the growth is only going to surge higher as companies that are now adopting the DevOps philosophy are increasingly highly operational. If the results of a recent study on the DevOps conducted by Puppet labs is anything to go by, then it can be understood that organizations that have begun adopting the DevOps approach have professionals who deploy codes 30% more regularly than their immediate competitors and are 50% less likely to fail in their deployment than their competitors.
In the last 2 years alone, DevOps jobs have found an increasing mention on alone. Again, with a recent study released by Puppet labs, half of more than 4000 plus respondents in more than 90 plus countries consider DevOps skills said that they most definitely consider DevOps skills when they hire candidates.
DevOps Salaries
As can be easily seen and understood by the graph given below, the DevOps salaries have only shot up over the past one year ind is only going to increase even further.
Interestingly, unlike the other technologies, DevOps is being made a witness to a rather healthy trend with all the popular job titles on DevOps sharing similar career opportunities. For example, if a project management job role saw close to 65,760 job options, budgeting opened up 64,859 career options while the popular DevOps tool- Chef was marginally higher with 69,478 career opportunities.
Roles and Responsibilities of DevOps Professionals
With DevOps quickly emerging the newest trend setter in the IT industry, newer job responsibilities as well as functions are now re-defining the organizational dynamics:

  • DevOps Architect
  • Automation Engineer
  • Software Tester
  • Security Engineer
  • Integration Specialist
    Release Manager

What had once begun as a framework and an ideology by combining two categorically opposite schools of thought within the purview of the same organization, has now become a lucrative career option with the opportunities only expanding every day. There could never be a better time to qualify yourself as a DevOps Engineer, get bigger, better opportunities and rake in the moolah than now.