DATASTAGE Online Course

Course Overview:

This course can justify the ideas of DataStage Enterprise Edition, its design and the way to use this to ‘real life’ situations in an exceedingly business case-study during which you may solve business issues. We are going to begin by viewing the massive image and discuss why businesses need ETL tools and where DataStage fits within the product set.

Using the DataStage clients, you may log onto the DataStage server, produce a Project, import meta knowledge, and make a DataStage Job. You may then compile and run the duty and appearance at the logs. Once collateral that your Job can run on one node in associate SMP environment, you may then put associated partition the information to be ready to run on multiple nodes at the same time in an MPP, Cluster, or maybe a Grid atmosphere.


Training highlights:

  • By the end of this training you will have an understanding of DataStage language, the way to produce an easy DataStage Job, an summary of DataStage design, and a solid understanding of how DataStage compares to competitive  ETL tools.
  • Create a DataStage Job which will be used once more and once more within the future to extract from and load to totally different sources and targets while not dynamic  its style
  • Describe the ways in which DataStage provides higher performance, quantifiability, and adaptability when put next to alternative ETL tools.
  • Discuss the design of DataStage Enterprise Edition. Solve a case-study business drawback victimization DataStage engineering.
  • Create a world variable that allows DataStage to purpose to totally different configuration files at runtime in order that your Job can run on SMP, MPP, Cluster, or Grid environments
  • Create native variables that kind your information and supply the constraints that support business choices to load it into a range of targets.

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