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  • Cognos Dashboard

    Cognos Dashboard

    Introduction to Cognos Dashboard A dashboard is a data visualization tool which displays the present status of metrics and the key performance indicators (KPIs). Dashboards combine and organize numbers, metrics..

  • SSAS Introduction

    SSAS Introduction

    SSAS Introduction SSAS stands for an SQL Server 2008R2 Analysis Services. The Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) suite provides quiet a powerful technology-“SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) to offer online Analytical..

  • SSRS Architecture

    SSRS Architecture

    SSRS Architecture SQL server reporting service is a complete and extensible reporting platform that contains an integrated set of programmatic interfaces, processing components and tools. The basis of the multilayered..

  • SSIS Architecture

    SSIS Architecture

    SQL Server Intergration Service (SSIS) Architecture Introduction This is an ETL tool a product of  Microsoft. Integration services is a platform used in building high-performance data integration and workflow solutions,..

  • Introduction to MSBI

    Introduction to MSBI

    Introduction to MSBI : Definition:  MSBI stands for “MicroSoft Business Intelligence”. It is a set of tools and techniques, which provide the best solutions for Business Intelligence procedures. These tools make..