Data Transfer Process supersede Info Packages

Data Transfer Process and Info Package are the tools used to load the data into Business Intelligence from various external sources. In BW v3.5 Info Package is used to load the data to the data target from the source system. Whereas in BI 7.0, it is used only to load data, DTP and PSA loads the data into the data mart and data target.

Data Transfer Process loads the data within the Business Intelligence from one object to other with respect to filters and transformations. It is used to load the data to the data target from PSA and this key replaced the DTP from Data Mart Interface and Info Package. Info Packages are organized for data requests to load into the BW system extracted from the source system. SAP BI online training takes an explanation on the advantages and also its situations. DTP is used to load the data in the following circumstances.
Real Time Data Acquisition
For Data Direct Accessing
Loading data from CUBE to CUBE and DSO to DSO/CUBE
Loading data from Business Intelligence to external systems

Advantages of Data Transfer Process

Delta Management: When you are loading 5 data targets, 4 data targets are successfully loaded but 1 target failed. In this situation, we need to delete all the 5 targets and reload the data in Info Package. In Data Transfer Process, we just need to delete the failed process and to reload the failed only. DTP follows one to one mechanism which is very easier loading the data target.

Handling Duplicate Records: DTP handles the duplicity of data in a very easy way by just setting an option (Handle Duplicate Record Keys) in update tab to get this enabled

Error Handling: While loading the data into the target using DTP, records with errors will move to one stack and correct one move to the target. Error records can be edited and load into the target again where this is not possible in Info Package

Filters: Data Transfer Process filters the data according to Semantic Key and also can use the filter for CUBE and DSO also which is not possible in Info Package

Debugging: Simulating the data debugging and update helps us to analyze the DTP requests. We can check the data for the desired results before the actual data transfer which is not possible in Info Package. Debugging can be done in Simple simulation and Expert mode ways. Simulating

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