Carve Your Data Scientist Careers

Data Scientist and Data Analysts have become the most sought after professionals in the entire IT world. If the survey by indeed jobs is anything to go by, the job listings for Data Scientists is only on the rise. It has risen to the level of being labelled as one of the most alluring and enticing professions of this century what with the accolades, admiration and the astonishing pay as well as the perks that come along with such a lucrative career. But, this profession though incredibly desirable does have its challenges as well as a professional Data Scientist essentially to be a jack of all so that they remain one-up over their competitors at all times.
Are You an Inborn Data Scientist?
Whatever be the answer to this rather tricky question, you need to possess certain specific skill sets to become one.
The quote from Mark van Rijmenam, the founder of Big Data start-up platforms, clearly defines the roles of a Data Scientist:
The Data Scientists need to have statistical, mathematical, predictive modelling as well as business strategy skills to build the algorithms necessary to ask the right questions and find the right answers. They also need to be able to communicate their findings orally and visually. They need to understand how the products are developed and even more important, as Big Data touches the privacy of consumers they need to have a set of ethical responsibilities.
Given below are few of the skill sets that the would-be Data Scientists would need to possess:

  • Analytical abilities
    Extraordinary communication skills
    Visualization and presentation skills
    Team worker
    Problem solving skills
    Strategic planning finesse

Your Efficiency Speaks Louder than Your Academics
For a career as a Data Scientist, you virtually end up proving yourself every step of the way as one who has the skills sets mentioned above as well as the panache of a thorough professional. You basically need to possess a fundamental understanding of:

  • How businesses function
    How do organizations collect data?
    How do they propose to use this data?
  • The future gains that companies hope to achieve after studying this data

Now if you desire to make a career as a Data Scientist, it is a foregone conclusion that you need to toe the line of the organization and consistently perform to perfection.

Embellish Your skills
Not only do you need to possess the required soft skills, you as a Data Scientist also need to keep yourself au fait with the current IT trends as well some of which would be Hadoop, Cloud Computing with AWS, expertise on databases like, NoSQL, Cassandra, Hive and HBase; apart from the programming languages including R analytics or Pig.
Now if you think you do possess all of these skill sets apart from an innate understanding of the Data Analytic industry as such, then there are a plethora of professional opportunities waiting to explore. You could also get to know about the options online in the form of e-books, PDFs, articles as well.
Having said this, the