Some Basic Concepts of SAP Web Dynpro

Web Dynpro is a prominent modeling environment which stores the user-interface details in the form of metadata. We can write down not as much of code and fix bugs in a shorter time with lesser effort. It increases a programmer’s productivity by manifolds.

Web Dynpro is nothing but one framework for the development of user interface for use with SAP NetWeaver. It supports programming for the different platform such as JAVA, ABAP, Dot NET.

Basic Concepts

View : it is the central logical layout element in the Web Dynpro application. It is responsible for the presentation logic and for the browser layout.

Description of a visible screen area

Contains and lays out controls (aka widgets)

Defines actions (i.e. relevant input on controls by the user), which trigger event handling

Controller: active part of web Dynpro application, handles the data flow between the model and the view in both directions

Performs event handling

Each component has a component controller

Each view has a view controller

Custom controllers may be added for further structuring

Model: it is the interface to the back-end system and is responsible for providing data to the entire application.

Represents the data in the backend


Reusable UI program package

Mostly contains views, often uses models

Communicates with other components via component interfaces


Something able to run (from client application, i.e. web browser)

Identified by URL

Running an application means starting a component, navigating” to an initial view in an initial window.


Single UI unit representing a component’s user Interface/View Composition needed for embedding purposes.


A controller contains a context which holds the data. The data flow between the contexts is referred to as context mapping.

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