Components of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is a wide-ranging business intelligence suite by Oracle delivers a wide range of reporting and analytic competence. OBIEE integrates a suite of Advanced Business Intelligence Tools assembled on a combined architecture. Components of OBIEE include

  • Oracle Interactive Dashboards
  • Oracle Publisher
  • Oracle Delivers
  • Oracle Answers
  • Oracle BI Server
  • Oracle Disconnected Analytics

Oracle Interactive Dashboards

Oracle Interactive Dashboards provides web based dashboards that display the information in a highly insightful way to help users in decision making. All the users has full potential in interacting and modifying the data with the controls mentioned

  • Live Reports
  • Tables
  • Charts
  • Pivot Tables
  • Prompts

Oracle Publisher

Oracle Publisher is an enterprise level reporting tool that separated the data from presentation. IT Developers can define the data sources and business users can specify the report layout. The same data sources defined by them can be used by multiple report templates.

Oracle Delivers

Oracle Delivers include a web based subscription and alert creation portal and a workflow engine that allows passing and initiation of contextual information. Oracle Delivers provides activity alerting and monitoring that reach the users via numerous channelslike

  • Email
  • Mobile Devices
  • Dashboards

Oracle Answers

Oracle Answers allows the users to process data from numerous data sources in a pure web environment. The interfaces of Oracle Answers are highly intuitive and enable end users to create

  • Queries
  • Data Tables
  • Pivot Tables
  • Interactive Charts and Tables
  • Prompts
  • Reports

Oracle BI Server

OBIEE suite supports a full complement of analysis, access and information delivery options in a fully integrated environment. The Oracle BI Server provides a common engine to retrieve the data from its source converts the data into a common format and presents intelligence to OBIEE applications that consume Dashboards, Answers, Delivers and Publisher.   Capabilities of Oracle BI Server

  • Powerful Middleware Engine
  • Integrates disparate data sources
  • Intelligence to all other OBIEE components
  • Sources data from several data sources

Oracle Disconnected Analytics

Oracle Disconnected Analytics provides all the features of Oracle Interactive Dashboards and Answers while offline and disconnected from the network. Features of Oracle Disconnected Analytics

  • Off-line and Mobile Business Intelligence
  • Intelligent Synchronization of data
  • Full capabilities of Oracle Answers and Dashboards

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