How the IT Companies Maintain Their Data Base ?

We are living in an era where there are millions of companies worldwide. We have different industry sectors, and each one of them has an important asset, “The Data”. The company data expand as the company grows older and older.Every passing year, the data increases. So, the main question is where is all the data stored? How many systems do they need to store the data?

Earlier companies use to store the data traditionally. They use to store the data in files and documents, and then they moved on to systems i.e. the hard disks. It became a tedious task to store, organize, and access the stored data on the systems. And that is why companies moved on to the one and only, “Internet”. Companies started taking huge advantage of the internet. They started storing their data on a particular storing platform with the access of internet. It is like Google Drive, that need not need to be downloaded, it doesn’t take up space on your hard disk. You only need internet to log in to your Google account and from there you can access your Google drive. Well, the companies that use the similar storing platform is called Cloud Computing. (It is way too different from Google Drive).

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What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a modern data storing platform. It needs internet to be accessed. Companies can store the data; access the data, runs the data, etc. The benefits of Cloud Computing are that it need not need to be maintained or to administer the infrastructure. The other benefit is that has an unlimited capacity. And last but not the least; it can be accessed with any screen size device anytime and everywhere from the world.

Cloud Computing Tremendous Success

Cloud Computing services are being currently used by companies worldwide. IT companies depend on it. Cloud computing has gained popularity and growth due to its advanced technology since 17 years. And its services have mushroomed nearly 80% earlier. Researchers have given their prediction on the Cloud Computing growth. They have said that cloud strategies will influence more than 50% of Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) by 2020.The Cloud Computing market will grow 13.38% by 2020 and its revenue will be USD/- 411 $ Billion Dollars.

Major Player of Cloud Computing Industry

AWS also knows as Amazon Web Service was launched by Amazon in 2006. It is one of the major players of Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure. AWS is 6X bigger than the combination of all other data storing platforms, i.e. of its competitors due to its mature and highly advanced service functionalities. It is also, far more cheaply than its competitors. It only bills you per hour instead of minutes.

Here are the top reasons why Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the boss of Cloud-Computing

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services is one of the popular and the most used cloud computing platforms. It is a highly demanding Cloud Computing platform by IT resources via internet. It has the most crucial and wide range of cloud computing services utilized by various IT companies worldwide. It has 70 cloud computing services such as compute, storage, networking, database, analytics, mobile, developer tools, and more.

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AWS has been offering IT infrastructure services to number of business in the form of Web Services (Cloud Computing). Companies no longer have to procure servers and plan their business for months and weeks. Therefore, they use AWS for spinning up various servers in minutes. Also, it delivers results quickly. Companies can depend on AWS as it is highly reliable and secure. Companies no longer have to buy, download, and own their data centres, but instead can acquire a computer power, database storing platform through internet. Countries like Japan, USA, Singapore, Australia, etc have greatly been benefited with AWS services. AWS is also being used in various educational institutions and by non-profit organizations worldwide.

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