Why Do Companies Love Salesforce?

Have you ever wondered about how companies successfully manage their customers and provide the best services to them? Companies always maintained an excellent report system for their customers, and maintain a constant flow of their business process. How are companies able to make such an effort in maintaining their business professionally?

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Companies are able to do so with the help of CRM. CRM is a Customer Relation Management that is the most important platform a business can depend on. It is an important business tool that helps in managing reports on customers and partners whether new or old. You can get 360 Degree view of your customer. The main aim is to maintain an excellent relationship with customers and partners.

Salesforce is the number one CRM platform.Its applications are well built to be accessed on any
devices.It can also build new customer applications. Salesforce is entirely committed to the customer relationship and services. It keeps a track of the marketing campaigns and sales activity on every lead, opportunity, and customer. It gives you a social insight into customers to whom the product or services were sold. This is an important part where you can know with whom you are partnering with. Using Salesforce you can certainly increase the revenue. You don’t need hardware or software to get the information relating to analytics reporting, Salesforce casting, contact management, etc. You get it easily Salesforce CRM. You don’t have to focus on software and hardware’s maintenance and maintenance expenses, and etc. You only have to focus on customers whether new or old. You have to track the report on the customer’s deals, log calls, track emails too. Basically, you can keep on a customer’s behavior with the business. Salesforce makes the business easier as you can get an ideal report on the customers. You will be able to further develop your business by adapting new concepts and functions in your company.

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Salesforce is designed for any company size, whether small, medium, or large. This tool is an important tool crucial to collaborate, and also to grow business revenue. Top companies such as Forbes and Business Insider own 18% of the total CRM market. CRM is the most loved platform for companies to develop, maintain and grow their business successfully. CRM has changed many company’s life and currently has more than 150, 000 Salesforce customers. It is revenue has also increased compared to last year by 26%. Currently, its total revenue is around 8.4 $ Billion USD. Salesforce is the boss of CRM due to 2700 AppExchange apps and also due to 3 Million total installs worldwide.

Indian companies such as Snapdeal, Flipkart, Ashirward Pipes, Lodha Group, Goibibo, Make My Trip, Brigade Group, etc. are using Salesforce. In the USA, we have Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, SAS, Capital One Bank, CHG Healthcare Services, etc.

Companies such as listed above are utilizing the Salesforce CRM to the fullest. Salesforce covers all the CRM technology with its update database. The best part about the Salesforce is that it includes customer data from all the regions. And in this way, you can keep an eye on how and where your company is growing and being favored at. Customer data is stored based on their working industry,country, state, regions and also jobs. This is the reason Salesforce has become the most favorite technology for many companies out there. To know more about why companies trust Salesforce CRM , click here!

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