Cognos Framework Manager

Framework Manager didn’t receive any kind of dramatic changes in IBM Cognos 10 but some of the areas did changes, there are still some interesting and useful new features, which might have slipped under the radar with the new release.

The main new features are:  

  • Durable Models
  • Model Design Accelerator
  • Dynamic query Mode

Durable Models: this feature addresses, is the situation where you want to rename Framework Manager Objects, such as query subjects, query items, filters or namespaces after reports have already been written.

Model Design Accelerator: Model Design Accelerator is a graphical “wizard” which walks you through the design process for a relational model, complete with physical, logical, and presentation layers. Like most wizards, it doesn’t do much that you can’t do on your own, but does make the steps easier, while enforcing good design principles. You have the complete ability to modify your design manually, as usual.

Dynamic Query Mode: Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) is an option to speed up query performance of certain cubes, by providing in-memory data caching. Dynamic Query Mode is limited to three specific OLAP data sources in the current release, namely TM1 version 9.5.1, Essbase versions 9 and 11, and SAP BW, version 7.1. Furthermore, the specific performance improvements you can expect differ according to the data source. In general terms, they support better null suppression, and improved repeatable performance, which is useful for the typical ad-hoc analysis style of query for which these cubes are often used.

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