Cognos Features and impotance of cognos

Cognos software helps any company to become to performing company in terms of analytics. It helps in business intelligence. Now we are going to discuss about new features of Cognos.

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Cognos Insight

Cognos Insight is a Particular analytics solution which easily lets users to analyse their data and visualize it as well. It can be used as a stand -alone application. It has some advantages and includes some new features also.

These are :

  • Tree Maps.
  • Smart Metadata.
  • Drill-able, Drag and Drop Charting and Top/Bottom Filtering.
  • Package Import.
  • Time Rollups.
  • High Fidelity Publish.

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Cognos Workspace

Cognos Workspace enables users to gather and explore all types of data in any time through a highly personalized, dynamic interface. It also enables users to assemble and explore data in depth and in detail. Features of workspace:

  • Multi Tabbed Workspaces.
  • Data Visualization Guide.
  • Freeze and Unfreeze Column and Row Headers.
  • Graduated Capabilities.
  • It supports printing and uses Google Chrome and Safari.

Cognos Mobile

Cognos Mobile allows users to view and fully interact with Cognos Business Intelligence on mobile devices. It supports variety of mobile technologies. New features are:

  • Push Notifications.
  • Improved Performance of Multi-page Reports
  • Administrators Can Now Secure Mobile Access

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Report Studio

Report Studio is a Web-based tool. Professional report authors use to build sophisticated, multiple-page, multiple-query reports against multiple databases.
With Report Studio, one can create any report that the company requires, such as invoices, statements, and weekly sales and inventory reports.

Dynamic Cubes

It is the most exciting features of Cognos. The Dynamic Cube solution builds upon existing DQM (Dynamic Query Mode) functionality to close a major gap that occurs in many vendors OLAP.

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