BusinessObjects Crystal Report training

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SAP Business Objects  Crystal Reports is a thick client report design tool, fully integrated with the SAP Business Objects Enterprise platform.

Crystal Reports is an application that permits users to form versatile, pixel-perfect, feature-rich reports and integrate them simply with computer code developer kits (SDKs) into net and Windows applications victimization Java, NET, and COM applications.

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once used among the SAP Business Objects Enterprise business intelligence platform, Crystal reports may be revealed to the online, viewed through the Info View portal and managed and deployed during a web-based setting (within Windows, Unix, and UNIX system platforms).

SAP BusinessObjects preparing will give you hands-on involvement in mastering SAP BO Architecture, data warehousing, querying data sources, designing Crystal Dashboard, and Report creation.

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The reports are developed and published using a Crystal Report Designer application.

Crystal Reports Server is an enterprise reporting solution that helps create, manage, and deliver reports over the web or embedded them in enterprise applications using SDK. Crystal Reports Server is designed and supplied to support departmental or workgroup requirements and is ideal for mid-sized and small companies.

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