Business Objects Overview | BO Online Course

What is BO?

Business Objects is a combined query, reporting and analysis solution for business experts which allow them to access the data in their corporate databases directly from their desktop and present and analyze this info in a Business Objects document.

Business Object is an OLAP tool that is generally used by high-level management as a part of a Decision Support Systems (DSS).

BO makes it easy to access the data because you work with it in business terms that are familiar to you, not technical database terms like SQL.

SAP BO Business Intelligence Suite 4.1 introduces the following features:

  • System Configuration Wizard
  • SAP Jam
  • SAP HANA Business Layer Wizard
  • Analysis, edition for OLAP integration with SAP Business Objects Design Studio
  • Support for right-to-left display

Again, SAP Business Objects Analysis, edition for OLAP is a powerful, web-based OLAP analysis tool that helps you gain insight into business data and make intelligent decisions that impact corporate performance.

What’s new in Analysis, edition for OLAP?

  • New analysis functions.
  • Prompt functionality enhancements.
  • Improved SAP integration.
  • Support for additional data sources.


Our Course Content

1)    Data warehousing/dimensional modeling practical concepts.

2)    Database concepts needed for data warehousing.

3)    Architectural overview.

4)    Universe design.

5)    Web intelligence.

6)    Crystal reports.

7)    Dashboard Builder.

8)    Migration fundamentals.

9)    Administration.

10)   Widgets.

11)   Desktop intelligence.

12)   WEBI-rich client.

13)   Universe builder & query builder.

14)   Query as web service.

15)   Voyager.

16)   Security implementation.

17)   Import wizard publishing wizard.

18)   Business view manager.

19)   Live office reporting.

20)   Sap WEBI/dashboard reporting.

21)   Introduction to bo-sdk.

22)   How to use & leverage bo extension points in business objects.

23)   Bo Xi r3 certification guidelines.

24)   Intelligence xi 3.0 – level one.