Brief Overview of IBM MQ & IBM MQ Online Training

MQ stands for Message Queuing. Previously we called it as MQSeries. Since it was developed by IBM, it is more popular by the name IBM WebSphere MQ.

MQ (message queuing) is a method to communicate between applications without having a dedicated connection to link them. MQ supports different operating systems, i.e., it allows applications to communicate with each other using the network of different components.

IBM MQ supports Java Message Service (JMS) and Message Queuing Interface (MQI).


  • IBM MQ provides one-time delivery of messages across different platforms
  • IBM MQ gives assurance that your message is not lost if MQ is configured properly
  • MQ assures reliable services
  • It is robust
  • IBM MQ supports JMS and MQI both
  • MQ is responsible for determining the destination of the message

Course content of MQ online training at BigClasses :

  • Basic info &MQ overview
  • Message overview
  • MQ installation & uninstallation
  • Migration
  • File System
  • MQ objects
  • MQ commands
  • MQI Calls – Major calls, Minor calls
  • MQC Models and Scripts
  • Possible numbers of message channels
  • How to define Auto Channels
  • Channel Life Cycle
  • Triggers overview & Types
  • Logs, Logging and Troubleshooting
  • Remote administration
  • Configuration backup & message backup

IBM MQ  Online Training :

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