BigClaases Weather Expressions in English

What is weather expression?

In English language we have so many idioms or idiomatic expressions related to weather. These are called as weather expression. These expressions are very common in English communication.

Some weather expressions (with example):

1. Under the weather

Meaning: sick

Example: I am feeling under the weather.

2. Take a rain check

Meaning: reschedule

Example: Can I take a rain check on our lunch date? I have to work today.

3. Storm out

Meaning: leave angry

Example: He lost his temper and stormed out of the restaurant.

4. Weather the storm

Meaning: to be all right after experiencing great difficulties

Example: Ravi lost his job, but somehow his family weathered the storm.

5. Get wind of

Meaning: find out information/secret

Example: I do not want my boss to get wind of the fact that I am leaving.

6.      On cloud nine

Meaning: to be extremely happy

Example: I was on cloud nine, after I got my new bike.