Big Data Analytics- Converting Insights into Tangible Actions


Business today is everything to do with data and with the rise of structures as well as unstructured data known as Big Data has only made the process of capturing, storing and accessing information rather laborious. Understanding data (Big Data) is not easy as it is ahead cocktail of Velocity, Volume as well as Variety and obtaining maximum results out of it is even more complicated. The need of the hour is for companies to capture the right amount of data and analyzing it in a manner that would foresee them gaining better ROI’s.

How Do Companies Turn Customer Data into Insights

 In general, data that gets generated at any point assists in making marketers to not only study customer’s better, but also by enabling the marketing strategies to be based more on factual strategies rather than on frivolous guess work. Being aware about what, where and how much the customer has purchased, helps companies to target customers based on the actual buying patterns, apart from making the marketers predict and plan the market trends in the foreseeable future.

Brands can also use data in creating highly pertinent messages that help in generating a positive association between companies’ and their customers. Business entities can get an entire world of information out of websites, sales calls, social media, emails, etc to boost their sales as well as their revenues.

Turning the Insights into a Viable Advantage

Marketers who analyze data on vital information on customer centric strategies can now gain a definite advantage as they can now reach the right audience with the right strategies at precisely the right time.It is only when companies have access to the right data, would they be able to foster stronger customer relations.

Collecting, streamlining as well as managing data on the vital inputs of customer-centric strategies, customer preferences, and buying trends become important to companies in both appreciating  as well as measuring the effectiveness of marketing and sales strategies. The crux of the matter lies in how much of this vital information can companies use and understand in creating and maintaining a strong and healthy customer rapport and in the process, use this relevant information to implement positive customer interactions.


It has now become an accepted norm that for companies to proliferate, it would not auger well for them to not only concentrate on one part of the process alone, but take a comprehensive if not a greater interest in data analysis by implementing Big Data, which would not only add momentum to the company’s overall performance, but also give that much needed shot in the arm in terms of elevating their brand image as well as making their cumulative performances to soar.