Big Career with Big Data for Hadoop Professionals

Big Data came to be the mark for vast troves of the heterogeneous information being generated on a customary basis. However, there was also a need for a tool to help in managing Big Data competently. That is where and when Hadoop came into existence. For all those who don’t already know, Hadoop is an open source software framework licensed under Apache. Top businesses are implementing in their organism because of its features which enables the building of larger, more accessible Data Warehousing infrastructures and being cost efficient.


With cloud computing model gaining momentum, it doesn’t come as a revelation that demands for Hadoop developers are growing in bounds and leaps. The ubiquity of cloud-based systems hosting and big data services has also led to smaller businesses to join in this race. To précis Hadoop, it is now a significant factor of scalable, data-based web applications and services.

There are lots of reasons to tell why Hadoop should be a part of our skill set. In today’s world e-commerce, social networking and digital content organizations consider it to be one of the practicalities of their data architectures. You will once in a blue moon come across a successful company which doesn’t use it in some way. Its omnipresence over the web is making this very huge. Here are some of the latest surveys

  • Hadoop and Big data analytics market are expected to grow $13.9 Billion by 2017 and at 54.9% increase in between 2012 to 2017.
  • IDC do research reports the Big Data market will likely to hit $23.8 billion with a rise of 31.7% per year.

Job opportunities for Hadoop Professionals:

Hadoop developer: An enthusiastic lover of programming, who got an extensive knowledge of Java, Core Java, SQL and any other scripting language. Who is backed with interpersonal skills and knowledge about related technologies like HBase, Flume, and Hive etc: can easily accelerate their career trajectory.

Hadoop Administrator: A professional who is proficient in organizing, managing, governing and administering the Hadoop on large clusters. An administrator supervises continuation of environments that engage petabytes of massive data ease. With know-how in Hive, HBase, PIG, Sqoop etc. You will be liable for any troubleshooting problems and resolving the same and is also competent of administering Linux / UNIX environments.

Data Scientist: Data scientists are an intelligent team of people liable for evaluating, generating, spreading and integrating business knowledge along with data. They can code, chalk out fresh analytical models, work along with databases and carry out performance and implementation studies on statistical models. They shall have to understand in languages like Java, R, Python, Ruby and have knowledge of machine learning techniques.

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