Basics of MS SQL Server Training

MS SQL Server is a relational database management system, which is developed by Microsoft. The primary function of SQL Server is to store and retrieve data as requested. There are several numbers of version of SQL Server are available in the market for a different workload. MS SQL Server is a SQL based client-server relational database.

Components ofSQL Server

  • Databases
  • Database Files and File Groups
  • Transaction Logs
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Protocols
  • Microsoft Clusters
  • Disaster Recovery

SQL Server Database

  • System databases
  1. Master
  2. Model
  3. MSDB
  4. Resource
  5. Tempdb
  • User databases

SQL Server Files

  • Binaries
  • Datafiles (.mdf, .ndf)
  • Transaction log files (.ldf)
  • Backup files and snapshot files
  • Filegroups

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SQL Server Transaction Log

When the end of the logical log reaches the end of the physical log file, the new log records wrap around to the start of the physical log file.

SQL Server Recovery Model Architectures

  • Simple: Truncate occurs on checkpoint
  • Bulk-Logged: All operations are logged except bulk operations
  • Full: All operations are logged

MS Cluster Server

Implementation consideration – Hardware, software and network


  • FCP
  • iSCSI
  • SMB

Disaster Recovery
Failover clustering is used to failover automatically if a hardware failure or a software failure occurs.

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