Application and Data Centric Testing

Testing is an analysis conducted to check the quality of application, data or any kind of product. Quality of an application or data only can be determined by checking against some of the standards or parameters through a process. By following a process, it will be very easy to find out the invalid issues because of some bugs in the process. The Data Centric Testing helps to achieve the high quality data by fixing the errors in the processes and the same with the application testing.

Let’s focus today on Data Centric Testing approach

Types of Testing:

  • Application Testing
  • Data Centric Testing

Data Centric Testing ensures the data to be checked and make it valid and correct by fixing the errors in the system. There are various reasons caused to perform Data Centric Testing, couple of them are

ETL Process: Required while processing in source database and Transform and Load the data into the target.

System Migration: Required while migrating the database or while upgrading the existing system when the database is running currently.

Data Centric Testing validates the data with the following approaches

Technical Testing: Technical Testing make sure the data is copied, moved and loaded completely and correctly from the source to the target system. Some of the functions performed during technical testing

  • Domain Comparison
  • Multi Value Comparison
  • Checksum Comparison

Reconciliation: It help to ensure that data in the target system with overall system requirements to achieve high quality data.

  • Internal Reconciliation
  • External Reconciliation

Business Testing: It is done to make sure the data to fulfill the business requirements. There are still the chances of invalid data even after technical testing, in order to solve this, the data shall be evaluated against the business policies.

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