Advantages of using SAP Business Objects Universes

A  SAP Business Objects Universe is the semantic layer that exists in between an organization’s database and the end user. Basically, it is a business representation of data warehouse or transactional database.

There are several reasons why we are using  SAP Business Objects:

1. Integrated Security
It has restricted data dynamically being returned by the query.

2. Single version of the fact
Every one of an organization will access the same information, defined in the same way, using the same intentions.

3. Build once and reuse
After building it, you can modify any minor thing (modification in a query) and can reuse it again.

4. Maintenance/Change Management
All of the logic is here in one place. Because of that maintenance is very easy.

5. In-built interface for developers and end-users
It is providing a drag and drop interface for developers and end-users.