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  • Spoken English Basics Online

    Spoken English Basics Online

    Excel English the “Big” way Are you one of those who lack English speaking skills? If you are looking forward to leap in your career graph, and if English..



    Now  a days English became a part of the day to day life. Many people can write good English, but they cant deliver a good English, while they are speaking. Viceversa,some people..

  • Introduction to Business Analysis

    Introduction to Business Analysis

    What is this course about? In this course, the role of the “business analyst” is outlined as a mediator managing the interests and wishes of each the business/project management and..

  • Spoken English Course

    Spoken English Course

    Spoken English Course Learn Spoken English Course Online: Do your English communication skills and your command of the language manage to impress people? Is your Spoken English obtaining you higher work opportunities..