Ab Initio Fourth Generation Data Processing Components

Ab Initio is a popular ETL tools and a Business Intelligence in the market. It is a powerful GUI based processing tool for Analysis and ETL Data Management represented by Ab Initio Graphs. These Graphs are formed by parameters, flows and components.

It is a fourth generation tool contains 6 data processing components named Co>Operating System, Graphical Development Environment, Enterprise Meta>Environment, Component Library, Data Profiler and Conduct>It.

Co>Operating System: It is a program offered by Ab Initio operates on top of operating system and also it is a base for Ab Initio applications for integration of data processing and communication within the platform. It runs on Windows, Unix, Linux, HP-UX and IBM AIX.

Graphical Development Environment: GDE offers and instinctive graphical interface to edit and execute the applications. Drag and drop the components from library connect and configure them in flowcharts.

Enterprise Meta>Environment: It is an environment and repository for managing and storing the metadata. It is capable of storing both the technical and business metadata and allowed to access from GDE and Co>Operating system.

Component Library: It is a reusable software to sort, transform the data and in loading and unloading the high-speed database.

Data Profiler: It is an analytical application to specify data range, distribution, variance, scope and quality. It runs on top of Co>Operating System in graphical environment.

Conduct>It: It unites graphs from Graphical Development environment with programs and scripts from other hawkers. It is graphical high volume data processing and analysis system tool.