2018 Trends in Social Media Marketing

2018 Trends in Media Marketing-Bigclasses

Social Media; the platform where millions of people connect with each other. People can connect with each other from any part of the world. They can send voice notes, messages, images, and videos. And they can send documents, Pdf files, and etc to each other. People and page admins create posts which are liked, commented, and shared. Companies run their business on websites and Social Media. Customers are connected with the company’s Social Media Page. They are engaged with the company through engaging posts. For example, Asian Paints have their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. They keep on updating their posts with engaging posts and contents. They usually post about their paints and their work on the wall with perfect furniture. They make it engaging with specifying the colour codes. And during the occasional seasonal days, they post the related images to the celebration
and wishing the viewers. This is how the social media works, the non-paid marketing techniques. Companies increase their brand awareness through both paid and non – paid marketing methods. The paid marketing methods are where they invest their money in the campaigns. Social Media campaigns create a perfect target due to its advanced targeting tool.

Year over year, there are developments in almost every field with new features and functionalities. And this 2018, we have new trends to follow. New trends are the advanced and new features that will get you updated on the course or tools. It is designed to make it easier for people to market or use the technology. Therefore, the trends for Social Media can help you master it with new ideas and functions. Lets see these trends now!

Less Expenditure on Organic Marketing

Organic Social Media Marketing is the marketing that requires no money and money investments. Posts are created and this posted on the page. They aren’t paid to increase the views. No campaigns are used to make them more popular. In Organic, the post is just uploaded. This post can be shared with various groups to increase the brand awareness. People who liked the page can see the post on their timeline; they like, comment and also share it publicly. But in non-paid marketing, campaigns are created and money is invested in them. They are better than the organic marketing, as it is targeted perfectly. It is targeted according to the country, state, location, age, sex, occupation, marital status, etc. Therefore, inorganic marketing is better and more efficient than the organic market. And this 2018, companies will invest more in the inorganic Social Media Market.

Implementing on Chatbot

A chatbot is a computer program designed to have a conversation with audio and text. It is designed to help the human world by imitating the human behavior. Various companies will implement this on their Social Media pages. This is an important step to increase the professionalism of the customer service. It will increase the speed and efficiency. It advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and they will be improved with advanced features to become smarter and intelligent to assist humans with their needs. In 2018, companies will implement the Chatbots to grow their business at a rapid pace.

Less Use of Twitter

Companies have been using various Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and more. But Twitter will extinct soon due to less revenue. Twitter has a network called the Vines, which was stopped in January 2017. Twitter fails to produce much revenue and is still surviving due to celebrities. Another reason is that the users are declining from this platform. Twitter has failed to add value to the market. Therefore, users are less, revenue is less there is a high chance the Twitter may end in 2018.

Increase Animation

Animation or the gif is highly attractive and engaging. They always attract more customers and visitors. They create a positive effect on the people viewing it. And therefore, this 2018 companies will invest in the best animators to make the best-animated videos that will be based on their business. The main goal is to attract people through rich and fine visuals.

Increase in YouTube Marketing

YouTube has always been the platform to watch various videos such as education, entertainment, etc. It has attracted millions of viewers worldwide. Companies have taken its advantage and have started posting videos related and based on their business. They have also started marketing proficiently using the ads. The whiteboard video is a highly demanded YouTube marketing. It shows the professional approach to the company and its business.

Instagram and Instagram Stories

Instagram is increasing Social Media platform. Companies are going after Instagram after the Facebook. They both have had a great effect on the business by increasing the brand awareness prominently. Instagram can be used for business purpose due to its advanced features. You can see all the data analytics of your business. This tool if IG has been beneficial to the companies. The highly demanded feature; IG stories have also made quite a difference. Companies use IG stories to go live to show their work live without any additions. They can even upload the images and videos to keep the viewers updated.

These are the 2018 trends in Social Media Marketing. All the above are important and should be implemented by companies in this year. Year over year, we see new changes that are adopted by the companies. It shows their real interest in the business and the market.

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