September 2015 Latest Articles

  • SAP FICO Introduction

    SAP FICO Introduction

    SAP FICO stands for Financial Accounting and Controlling. It is an essential module of ERP and FI and Co modules stores the transactional and financial data. SAP FI (financial Accounting)..

  • Features of Selenium Webdriver

    Features of Selenium Webdriver

    Selenium WebDriver Selenium web-driver is one of the most dominant and famous tools of selenium toolkit. It is an extension to selenium RC with the most commanding benefits addressing the..

  • Cognos Architecture

    Cognos Architecture

    COGNOS BI TOOL : Cognos is a Business Intelligence (BI) solution created to encounter the challenges of enterprise-scale reporting, analyzing, scorecarding, and event notifying. Generally data is extracted from various sources..

  • Basics of Selenium IDE

    Basics of Selenium IDE

    Selenium IDE: The IDE in Selenium stands for the Integrated Development Environment. It is an easy and uncomplicated tool in selenium suite; it is the quickest method of creating scripts…

  • Why is Tableau worth learning?

    Why is Tableau worth learning?

    Tableau is a top online reporting and dashboard tool which helps in viewing and interpreting the data. It can generate fascinating visuals of performance metrics, staff productivity, client demos and..