February 2013 Latest Articles

  • SAP HANA Purpose

    SAP HANA Purpose

    A)Functional Purpose: Enable end user to do ‘Near real-time’ reporting from SAP/Non-SAP ERP systems (Near real time- to get updated data subsequently)   Ex: for every minute Enable process oriented BI..

  • Online Training Cognos

    Online Training Cognos

    Training Cognos is established to provide incredible career intensifying opportunities to the intendeds of IT career. All the team members of Training Cognos are certified and industry experts in the..

  • Why Teradata ?

    Why Teradata ?

    About Teradata Online Training @ BigClasses BigClasses is one of the best online training organizations offer Teradata training. We have qualified and experienced faculties who are responsible for taking the..

  • Oracle DBA online training

    Oracle DBA online training

    How Oracle manages the security to the database, not in terms of user loggings? When Oracle creates the instance management files are created/identified as a part of the instance. The..

  • Advantages of SAP Netweaver

    Advantages of SAP Netweaver

    Enhanced Adaptability: increased ability really refers to the ability of SAP Netweaver towards the present Business System in any organization while not investment. It provides a heterogeneous setting, by group..